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‘JustUs’ acknowledges that this society we call Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom is made up of communities with differing histories and different narrative readings of their past.

It is a society comprised of people who in the main see themselves as British, Irish or Northern Irish as well as others of different nationalities who have come here to live and work.

By using different voices and different sets of experiences of young people from here ‘JustUs’ gives honest and direct expression to these differences with the aim of maximising understanding of the other person’s or other community’s point of view.


Within its workshops, participating young people listen to the thoughts and feelings of young people like, and different from, themselves.  It creates space to talk about their own particular sense of identity, their understanding of the past and their attitudes to some of the more challenging and controversial issues and events of today.  

In the programme they will hear other young people talk about what it means for them to be: British, Irish, Portuguese, Polish or East Timorese and why all of them see this place as home.

And through their life stories ‘JustUs’ gives voice to what it means for young people today to live in a land that, despite the absence of political violence, continues to be viewed as a contested space.

To find out more about ‘JustUs’ and how to participate Gaslight Media Trust invites teachers and youth workers to register your interest in the programme.


While we want every young person in Northern Ireland to have the opportunity to participate in JustUs, it is designed to be delivered by teachers and youth workers. If you are a young person who wants to do the programme, or a parent who would like your child to have that opportunity, you will need to interest the relevant teacher or youth worker in the idea and get them to register their interest in the project below.