Strategic Rollout of JustUs Gets Underway

GMT recently commenced the strategic rollout of its JustUs Workshop Education Programme with the delivery of its 'Facilitating JustUs Training the Trainer Programme' to a mixed group of sixteen youth workers and citizenship education teachers.

'Facilitating JustUs Training the Trainer Programme' Participants

Working in close collaboration with Derry City & Strabane Distict Council's PEACE IV team, GMT hosted its training the trainer programme over two consecutive days (October 19th & 20th) at the MIllennium Forum's studio in Derry City.  

The large group of sixteen educators comprised:

  • four youth workers from the Education Authority (EA), south west area 
  • four citizenship teachers from four different schools in the Derry City Strabane District Council area, which are: St Columbs College, Lisneal College, St Joseph's Boys School and Holy Cross College, Strabane 
  • one youth worker from the YMCA
  • one youth worker from the southern based Foroige youth organisation
  • one educator from The Red Cross
  • one educator from the Foyle Race Equality Forum
  • one youth worker from the Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum
  • one youth worker from the Churches Trust
  • one youth worker from St Columbs Park House
  • one youth Worker from Access Youth Engagement, Strabane


PDF icon Accredited Facilitators Cohort 1.pdf

Gaslight Media Trust would like to acknowledge that this particular delivery of its 'Facilitating JustUs Training the Trainer Programme' has been supported through the European Union’s Peace IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).


The two day-long event comprised a series of workshops exploring ‘tension laced identity issues’ facing young people growing up in the north of Ireland today.

Purposely designed to foster critical thinking in young people around some of the more challenging questions prevalent in today’s society by creatively utlising a multi-media approach, the JustUs Workshop Education Programme (WEP) explores young people’s viewpoints, attitudes and understanding of four key thematic subject areas, which include: 

·      The Conflict or Troubles, why it happened and its tragic consequences

·      Legacy, the past’s effect on the present, marching, community justice and sectarian expressions of identity

·      Foreign Nationals, why people from other countries come here to live and work and why racist attacks are perpetrated against them

·      Sexual Orientation explores the viewpoints and attitudes to people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender

The 'Facilitating JustUs Training the Trainer Programme' immersed all sixteen educators in the methodology, structure and content of the JustUs WEP and on completion each educator had a digital copy of the programme uploaded onto their laptop, thus leaving them ready to utilise the resource with their respective group of young people.

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