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What Is JustUs?

What’s your name?’‘Where are you from?’ and ‘What school do you go to?’ may sound like innocent enough questions but for young people here they are often highly charged questions that lock them to the legacy of violent political conflict in and about ‘Northern Ireland’ that raged for more than three decades.

These seemingly innocuous questions sit alongside other tension-laced identity issues like sexual orientation and racism that young people need perspective on if they are to be able to negotiate and overcome the polarised social world they find themselves growing up in.

JustUs is an innovative, multi-perspective workshop based education programme (Open College Network NI Accredited) purposely designed for young people living here. Delivered by teachers and youth workers in safe educational spaces it addresses legacy and other tension-laced identity issues that involve our young people with a view to defusing their potential to erupt into violence.

Given that JustUs is fundamentally about exploring our conflicting sense of identity, how do you identify? 

How do you Identify

  • Irish
  • British
  • Other