About Gaslight

Gaslight Productions was set up in 1998 to exploit the potential of new media for progressive education.  We chose this discipline because of its power to engage with ordinary people and thus impact on popular culture. 

Sunday PosterOur first project was the drama documentary film SUNDAY for Channel 4 Television. The film was broadcast in January 2002 and was seen by 2.5 million people in Ireland & Great Britain. It was subsequently broadcast in Australia, Canada and a number of European countries. SUNDAY tells the community story of Bloody Sunday.  

Gaslight aims to empower the best principles of democratic society (inclusivity, human rights, justice & peace) by producing innovative new media.  More specifically it seeks to:

  • Articulate perspectives and stories that have the power to resonate and speak to ordinary people at a universal level
  • Creatively inform debate about controversial or contested issues
  • Give voice to the marginalized ‘other side’
  • Empower critical engagement with the world of ideas and culture
  • Underscore the importance of active citizenship for healthy democracy