JustUs Comes To The YMCA

GMT delivered its third ‘Facilitating JustUs Training The Trainer Programme’ to thirteen experienced youth workers at the offices of the YMCA in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim.

  • Newly Trained JustUs YMCA Youth Workers

Over the course of two consecutive days (May 29th & 30th) all thirteen youth workers were taken through a series of workshops, which detailed the JustUs programme’s: structure, content and educational methodology, thus leaving them primed and ready to use the resource with their respective groups of young people.

The group of thirteen youth educators work in YMCA centres across the following locations:

  • Rebecca Freel, Youth Worker, Lisburn YMCA
  • Veronica Tate, Youth Worker, Lisburn YMCA                                   
  • Lydia Startin, Youth Worker, Belfast YMCA
  • Julie Anne Skinner, Youth Worker, NDYMCA
  • Katy Broadhurst, Youth Worker, Belfast YMCA
  • Samantha McCarthy, Youth Worker, Portadown / Lurgan YMCA
  • Claire Morgan, Youth Worker, Newcastle YMCA
  • Gillian McClay, Training Co Ordinator, YMCA Ireland
  • Rebecca Anderson, Youth Worker, Carrickfergus YMCA
  • Nikki McTaggart, Youth Worker, Lisburn YMCA
  • Jenny Rainey, Youth Worker, Lisburn YMCA
  • Reece Carlin, Youth Worker, Clonard Youth Centre
  • Christopher McCluskey, Youth Worker, Clonard Youth Centre

PDF icon Accredited Facilitators Cohort 3.pdf

Having participated in two days of 'Facilitating JustUs Training' senior youth workers with YMCA, Claire Morgan and Jenny Rainey give their views on that experience and on the JustUs Workshop Education Programme itself.